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Parish Council

          Meets third Tuesday at 7:00 P.M.

Parish Pastoral Councils were organized after the second Vatican Council.  In every parish in the diocese, a pastoral council was established.  The Pastor presides over the Parish Council. The Council has three officers: President, Vice-President and a Recording/Corresponding Secretary. 

The Parish Council is a consultative body, which means it will consult and cooperate with the Pastor on all matters pertaining to and for the good of the parish.  They will try to identify the needs of the parish and its parishioners and make an attempt to meet them.  The Council will also be a Christian community and be a model for other organizations in the parish.


Our Parish Council, May 1, 2022

President             Donald Bujak

Vice President    Eileen Reis

Secretary             Lynn Dunham


Members              Edward Altenau, Rhea & Donald Checksfield, Joan Cosenza, Christine Ferriera,

                                 Albert Garcia, Jerry & Fran Gretzinger, Michael Janasiewicz, Robert & Regina Messa,                                                          Diane Short, Karen Wereszynski, John Wirth, Charlie & Tricia Worden.


Parish Trustees   Diane Demskie & Eileen Reis

Rosary Society

         Meets first Sunday after 11:00 A.M. Mass

The purpose of the Rosary Society is to promote the spiritual well-being of its members and to assist the Pastor in meeting the needs of the Church as occasion warrants.

Activities include:

  • Attending Mass monthly, in body, at 11 AM on the first Sunday of the month; reciting the Rosary after Mass and conducting meetings following Mass.  Thirteen masses are offered annually for living and deceased members of the Society;

  • Recitation of the Rosary at funeral home, attending funeral Mass in body and acting as honor guard for deceased members;

  • Encouraging daily recitation of the Rosary;

  • Sponsoring the Rosary with Benediction for Rosary month in October;

  • Organizing Penny Socials twice a year.  Proceeds of each are divided between the Church and the Society’s treasury;

  • Sponsoring a Christmas Party.  Attendees donate to help various needy groups;

  • Hosting annual Communion luncheon for members and friends.  A member of the Rosary Society is announced as "Rosarian of the Year" at the luncheon;

  • Participation in annual bazaar, crowning of Mary procession, and all functions sponsored by the Parish.

The Living Rosary Group

The intention of Immaculate Conception Parish's Living Rosary is the Triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary (and personal intentions).   It consists of a commitment to say one decade of the rosary every day.  The mystery one uses to meditate remains the same for a month at a time.  The next mystery is said the next month and continues month after month.

Immaculate Conception Foundation Board

The Immaculate Conception Foundation Board was established to assist in the organization and implementation of major fundraising events to benefit the parish.  The Board meets several times each year with the goal of sponsoring at least 3-4 events, including the very successful annual bazaar that has been a community attraction for over 54 years.

Other major fundraisers have been the Rise To The Top dinners and auctions, a brunch with a salute to the popular hits of the Rat Pack, and an afternoon of cabaret theatre with a wide variety of desserts.  A weekend rummage sale, with food and drink also offered, was sponsored by the Board on the Church grounds.  In addition, Board members have also sponsored several successful pierogi fundraisers and Polish dinners. 

All proceeds from the Foundation Board fundraising events go totally to our pastor, Father Mirek, who identifies any special projects that need to be funded.

There are currently 15 members on the Board, including parishioners and non-parishioners.  New members and ideas are always welcome.  Please contact Jerry and Fran Gretzinger at for more information.

Immaculate Conception Church Guild

The Church Guild was organized June 10, 1970 by Fr. Leo Adamski.  Duties include:

  • Cleaning the sanctuary

  • Buying necessary supplies

  • Washing and ironing church linens

  • Keeping vestments in good condition

  • Doing any/all sewing needed

  • Ordering, watering and maintaining flowers

  • Decorating the church for the holidays

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