We have all experienced an unprecedented journey this year. Although we have faced difficult times, both personally and professionally, my hope is out of the darkness, your strength has grown through prayer, stronger family ties and deeper spiritual growth.  As the believers, we are expecting something bigger after this time of turmoil when our love, our faith and our hope will be increased and the good can be continued forth and multiplied.

In a message from Cardinal Burke, it was stated: “It is Satan, trying to steal your joy.” “But it is Satan who is false.  He is the liar.  Christ, God the Son, indeed has become man, He has suffered the cruelest Passion and Death, in order to redeem our human nature, to restore to us true life, the divine life which overcomes the worst sufferings and even death itself, and brings us surely and safely to our true destiny: eternal life with Him.” 


I would like to thank all my parishioners of Immaculate Conception who have been so supportive of the church and myself during this past year.  On behalf of myself, Father John, Father Yaya and the Parish Council, we wish you a blessed and Holy Easter.  As we celebrate the Resurrection today please let us all rejoice,

Alleluia! Christ is Risen!